Special Order Products

Small Vessel Modifications

Hoppers & Cone Tops

Standard vessels with cone top, one with 12˝ and the other with 4˝ sanitary opening.

Custom Cone Bottom Mixing Vessel

Custom 3.0 L cone bottom mixing vessel with legs fitted with an air actuated butterfly valve for discharge.

Custom Dome Top Vessel

Two 20 L custom dome top and dished bottom vessels. 4.0˝ sanitary opening, and 1.0˝ sanitary diaphragm valve.

Custom 5.0 L Vessel

Custom 5.0 L vessel, dish bottom, 6.0˝ sanitary opening with two 0.75˝ sanitary ports on lid and one 0.5˝ sanitary drainage port in the bottom. Detachable custom stand.

Custom Conical Vessel

Custom 50 L conical vessel with a 4˝ sanitary opening and solid bar handles.

Custom Vessel with Sanitary Ports

Custom vessel with a 2˝ sanitary port on top and 4˝ sanitary port on bottom.

Custom Cone Top Vessel

Standard 70 L vessel with a custom cone top. 6˝ sanitary opening and two 4˝ sanitary ports on the shoulder.

Sanitary Custom 20 L Vessel

Custom 20 L vessel with 8˝ sanitary opening and 0.5˝ sanitary sampling port.

Custom Buckets

30 L and 20 L custom buckets with spout and swinging handles. 0.5˝ sanitary port on side bottom.

Dome Tops

Dome-top CTL Series, lock-lever/squeeze ring container with dish-bottom and skirt.

Hopper Container with Dome Lid

Heavy-duty flange and wing nut closure. Hopper has a wide array of tri-clamp fittings on the dome lid for inlets, dip tubes, mixer-shaft and sightglass.


Dome-lid has two 3˝ tri-clamp fittings and four 1˝ tri-clamp fittings welded straight up. Whether tri-clamp, Swagelok®, or Ingold fittings, all welds are ground, polished, and seamless, without pits or crevices.

Dish-Bottom Container

Dish-bottom container set inside custom stand with forklift channels. Viatec sanitary flush valve is clamped onto dish-bottom. Tri-clamp connection for container drainage. Mixer mounting plate and lid with handles are also features of this vessel.

CTH Container

CTH Series container shown here is connected to a peristaltic pump and has a biomixer mounted on top. Other items include a sightglass, sterile air filter, and a container stand.

Dome-Top Bioreactor

Dome-top bioreactor with heavy duty flange and high-pressure wing nut closure. Dome-fittings welded at an angle for optimal mixing. Ingold fittings on container side also welded at an angle and seamless. Asepco zero dead leg ball-valve welded onto container’s dished bottom for drainage.

Dome-Top Dish-Bottom Bioreactors

Heavy duty flange and wing nut closure. Dome-top has 2˝ TC fittings welded straight up and large 6˝ TC fitting for product entry. Container has 4 legs with braces, phenolic nonmarking wheels, and stainless casters.

Custom processing vessel with tri-clamp ports and bottom valve