Caps and Cap Assemblies

316L, sanitary tri-clamp endclamps with or without knobs are available in 0.5" to 12" sizes. The product contact surface is electropolished to a 10 Ra or better finish. These endcaps can be laser-engraved or custom finished to your specifications. Eagle Stainless specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom cap assemblies which include dip tubes, NPT fittings, and hose barbs.

Knob-Handle Sanitary Tri-Clamp Endcaps (Size 1/2" to 6")

Eagle Stainless offers machined solid endcaps with easy-lift stainless knobs. The product contact surface is electropolished to a 10 Ra or better finish.

Sanitary Tri-Clamp Endcaps (sizes 1/2" to 12")

Eagle produces sanitary tri-clamp endcaps with an electropolished product contact surface finish of 10 Ra or better.

Custom-Welded Cap Assemblies

Fittings can be welded to the caps, including: hose barbs, valves, dip tubes, sanitary tri-clamp thermowells, and sightglasses. Eagle also has the unique capability of polishing the inside and outside of each weld to a sanitary finish.

Machined Cap Assemblies

Cap assemblies machined from solid bar stainless steel offer more consistent dimensional and surface quality and a solid, compact profile. Individually machined to specification, these cap assemblies are stronger, safer, and less expensive than assemblies where fittings are welded in place.

Hose Barbs

Eagle offers 316L stainless steel hose barbs in sizes from 1/8˝ to 1/2˝ with 1/2˝ or 3/4˝ tri-clamp connections. An electropolished finish is standard.

Hose barbs are available in the following sizes:
1/2˝ TC x 1/8˝
1/2˝ TC x 1/4˝
1/2˝ TC x 3/8˝
1/2˝ TC x 1/2˝
3/4˝ TC x 5/8˝
3/4˝ TC x 3/4˝