• Two-segment heavy-duty clamps (Standard for BTB, PSF, and STB Series bottles)
  • Two-segment high-pressure clamps
  • ASME clamps
  • Three-segment heavy-duty clamps

Torque Nut (50 in/lbs)

When used with a calibrated torque wrench, spring loaded cartridges maintain a constant torque on the clamp in the event of thermally induced expansion and contraction.

Advantage Wing Nut (Max 50 in/lbs)

The Advantage wing nut brings precision, consistency, and speed to clamp systems. The Advantage wing nut enables a torque wrench to measure how far the clamp has been tightened.

  • 316 cast stainless steel
  • Allows the use of a calibrated torque wrench
  • Improves consistent container closure integrity
  • Calibrated torque wrench available