• Two-segment heavy-duty clamps (Standard for BTB, PSF, and STB Series bottles)
  • Two-segment high-pressure clamps
  • Two-segment ASME clamps
  • Two-segment light-duty clamps
  • Three-segment heavy-duty clamps

Torque Nut

Spring loaded cartridges maintain a constant torque on the clamp in the event of thermally induced expansion and contraction.

Hex Wing Nut

The Advantage wing nut brings precision, consistency, and speed to clamp systems. The Advantage wing nut enables a torque wrench to measure how far the clamp has been tightened.

  • 316 cast stainless steel
  • Allows the use of a calibrated torque wrench
  • Improves consistent container closure integrity
  • Calibrated torque wrench available