Company Highlights

BTB Series Bottles

Sanitary construction, 316L stainless steel for storage & shipping of liquid, intermediate, & solid product.

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STB Series Bottles

Allow economical pilot stability testing of small quantities of product prior to production.

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High quality - use of modern technology -
creative concepts in stainless steel manufacturing

Our company expanded to serve the chemical, biochemical, cosmetic, herbal, and food industries. While utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment to bring valuable new products to you, we are constantly testing new ideas.

Our product line includes ASME pressure vessels, biological testing bottles, stainless steel containers, stability testing bottles, stainless steel drums and tanks, ultrasonic cleaning/electropolishing services. We can custom modify our standard products or engineer new products. We take pride in our ability to serve our customers with many custom fabrications. Our expertise allows us to provide our customers with projects that exceed their expectations.