Slant Bottom with Clip Down type closure

The KTT series of slant bottom containers allows the contents to drain completely. The open top facilitates total cleanability, yet provides an air tight seal when the lid is clamped down over a gasket.

  • 316L stainless steel container and lid
  • Seamless sanitary interior and exterior with radiused bottom corner
  • 304 stainless clips and hollow side handles
  • Air/water-tight seal with platinum-cured silicone gasket (Gasket with Class VI Certification available as a special-order item for the KTT-CTH-30 through KTT-CTH-47H)



  • KM Series dollies available for size KTT-CTH-30 through KTT-CTH-565H container
  • Passivation
  • Electropolished finish (10 Ra or better)
  • Gaskets – EPDM, Viton®
  • Custom Modifications Available

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Additional information

Weight 59073525 oz
Dimensions 5907255258 in

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