Stainless Steel Dollies


Having a stainless steel dolly on hand makes it much easier and safer for your team to move containers from point A to point B. Eagle Stainless type 304 stainless steel dollies are conveniently designed to precisely fit our CTL, CTH, ST, and KTT series containers.


What is a dolly? 

Dollies are sturdy moveable platforms that are used to transport containers throughout a facility. Eagle Stainless dollies have four or five casters, depending on their size, and are specifically made to fit our container models.

Eagle Stainless dollies are available with either chrome plated or stainless steel casters with non-marking nylon wheels. Since the casters swivel, they are very easy to maneuver. Eagle Stainless dollies are stable and provide improved mobility because they have a precise fit.

Does my business need a dolly? 

If any aspect of your business requires your employees to move containers, you should have dollies on hand. It’s particularly important to have them if you need to move containers that are too heavy for an employee to safely pick up.  Having dollies on hand makes moving containers much safer for your employees by minimizing physical strain on their bodies.

Benefits of stainless steel dollies

At Eagle Stainless, we make all of our products using the highest quality stainless steel. Investing in a container dolly will give you excellent long-term performance in your facility.

Stainless steel is built to last much longer than plastic and many other common materials for dollies, so you get a better return on investment. Stainless steel is also highly resistant to corrosion and can hold up to a wide range of temperatures. This means you can use a steel dolly in a variety of different climates without worrying about damage.

Eagle Stainless offers a full selection of stainless steel dollies to fit your needs.