Stainless Steel Custom Fabrication

Eagle Stainless stands apart by offering custom stainless steel fabrication and modification services from the first design discussion to the final manufacture.

Although we offer a wide range of standard products, we recognize that each project has unique considerations and may require specific solutions.  Eagle strives to meet your needs.

Our sales and engineering teamwork will work with you to develop stainless steel fabrication design drafts and final specs. The engineering department creates and generates drawings for your final approval prior to production.

You can also browse our extensive library of standard and custom stainless steel designs, including custom engineered products.   Manufacturing processes include manual laths, CNC machines, orbital tig welding, manual tig welding, laser engraving, automated and manual mechanical polishing.  Eagle custom stainless fabricators are ready to handle any job, from vessel modifications to custom fabrications.  Custom fabrication is offered for both “one off projects” and large scale production.

Traceability certification is also available for all modified or custom fabricated type 316L stainless steel designs.  Heat numbers are engraved on each container, bottle or vessel.


Stainless Fabricating Custom Options

Modifications Standard stock items may be customized:

  • Container modification examples include adding tri-clamps connections or NPT fittings to attach sight glasses, hose barbs mounting mixers, sterile air filters etc.
  • Bottle modification and custom fabricating includes fill and vent ports, dip tube cap assemblies, sight glasses, handles, funnels, valves, jackets, tri-clamp connections and NPT fittings.
  • Standard vessels may be customized with cone tops, sanitary tri-clamp connections, NPT fittings and openings.
  • Pressure vessel customization is available on end caps and can include dip tubes, multiple ports or connections.

Completely Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication: Special orders may be completely customized.  Examples of such custom products include the following:

  • Custom dished bottom vessels with sanitary openings, diaphragm valve and legs.
  • Custom cone bottom vessels with a tri-clamp connection to attach a valve for discharge and legs.
  • Custom Buckets in 30 L and 20 L sizes with spout, swinging handles and optional sanitary ports on side.
  • Custom sizing of standard products when sizes smaller or larger than stock sizes are needed.

Custom Cap Assemblies: Specific stainless steel custom fabrication options are available for cap assemblies:

  • Custom-Welded Cap Assemblies – Fittings can be welded to caps for hose barbs, dip tubes, sanitary tri-clamp thermowells, sight glasses, etc.
  • Machined Cap Assemblies – Cap assemblies machined from solid bar stainless steel offer more consistent dimensional and surface quality and a solid, compact profile. Individually precision machined to specification, these cap assemblies provide improved sealability.

Finishing: Our high quality stainless steel production offers a 10Ra finish as standard, with smooth, radiused and seamless interiors on our containers, bottles and vessels. Eagle also offers custom finishing options:

  • Passivation which removes surface contaminants and enhances the formation of a protective chromium oxide layer.
  • Electropolishing which provides an ultra-clean-smooth finish that meets the highest pharmaceutical standards with increased corrosion resistance.

Materials: 316L stainless steel and platinum-cured silicone gaskets are standard for Eagle products. However, other material options are available for product customization:

  • 304, 317L stainless steel, Hastelloy or other manufacturing materials upon request.
  • Gasket options include EPDM, PTFE, BUNA-N, Viton and other materials.

Testing Available

Eagle products are crafted for durability and to meet the highest standards in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, herbal, chemical, biochemical industries. Eagle offers testing on both standard and custom fabrication products:

  • Dye penetrant testing;
  • Helium leak test;
  • Surface finish;
  • Hydrostatic pressure tests; and
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for accurate dimensional tests

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