Stainless Steel Reducers

Stainless Steel Reducers

At Eagle Stainless, we manufacture type 316L stainless steel concentric reducers with tri-clamp connections in a variety of different sizes. Our reducers are durable and allow for easy adaptability of existing tri-clamp connections to various tri-clamp sizes. They’re quick and simple to install and create a secure tri-clamp connection. They are compatible to use with many different types of materials and are very easy to clean.


What is a concentric reducer and how do I use them?

Many applications need to use components with a variety of different tri-clamp sizes in order to properly function. The reducer is cone-shaped and is used when there is a shift in diameter between tri-clamp connections. This enables product to flow through the connection securely without leaks.  Eagle Stainless reducers have a minimal 1.25” overall height which allows for versatility in usage applications.

Why should I use an Eagle Stainless Stainless steel reducer?

At Eagle Stainless, all of our products are made with the highest quality stainless steel and have an electropolished finish. Our sanitary stainless steel reducers with tri-clamp connections are extremely durable. 

Stainless steel is an ideal material for reducers because it is very resilient. It can withstand exposure to a broad range of temperatures and materials without corroding or losing its shape. 

Another huge benefit of stainless steel is that it requires very minimal maintenance, regardless of its application. However, should you need to clean it at any point, stainless steel is very easy to clean. Because it is so durable, it provides an excellent return on investment.

Eagle Stainless offers a wide range of stainless steel reducers, so you can find one that will create a precise fit. You can find all the reducers’ sizes for both the large and small openings here on our website.