Stainless Steel Transfer Containers


Eagle Stainless pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel transfer containers and bottles provide the sanitary and durable solution for your pharmaceutical material transfer container needs. Why Eagle?  Eagles’ commitment to quality and exceptional customer service has made us a leader supplying the pharmaceutical industry.  From the materials we use to the options and customizable designs we offer, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible products and services.  Eagle’s pharmaceutical stainless steel transfer containers, bottles and lids are manufactured from type 316L Stainless Steel.  Our stainless steel transfer containers have a 10 Ra finish, with radiused corners and seamless interior/exterior welds to facilitate ease of cleaning and sterilization. Eagle Stainless provides Heat Lot certification for all 316L stainless steel used to manufacture our transfer containers.  For traceability, Heat/Lot numbers are laser engraved on each bottle or container. High-quality platinum-cured silicone gaskets are standard for Eagle’s stainless steel transfer containers, providing air/water-tight seals. For tri-clamp designs, we offer two-segment heavy-duty clamps, ASME clamps and three-segment heavy-duty clamps.


Selection is another reason to choose Eagle Stainless. We offer a wide variety of bottles and transfer containers, with an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and volumes available for your material transfer needs.  Design choices for stainless steel transfer containers include flat bottoms, slant bottoms, dish bottoms or cone bottoms.  Flat bottoms are generally the most cost-effective option. Slant bottom and cone bottom transfer containers allow for easier draining of stored materials, as well as ensuring that minimal material is left behind.  Cone bottom stainless steel transfer containers offer the most exceptional drainage solution for many types of materials.  Our team can work with you to determine the best option for your material transfer containers.

Eagle’s stainless steel transfer containers and bottles also come in a wide range of standard sizes, making it easy for you to purchase exactly what you need.  If you are still unable to find the size that you are seeking, our engineering team can work with you to design stainless steel transfer containers that best meet your specifications.  We can design and build a one-off stainless steel transfer container to meet your project requirements.  Contact Eagle to begin planning your custom project.


In addition to customized sizing, Eagle also offers finishing options for stainless steel transfer containers.  Passivation, which removes surface contaminants and enhances the formation of a protective chromium oxide layer, is standard for some products and available as a custom feature for others.  Electropolishing is also available.  This process provides an ultra-clean-smooth finish that meets the highest pharmaceutical standards with increased corrosion resistance.  

Gasket options are another custom feature in addition to standard platinum-cured silicon gaskets (PSIL).  We offer optional EPDM, PTFE, BUNA-N, Viton, and other gasket materials. These options, along with tri-clamp and lock lever ring tamper evident-seal options, provide several ways to ensure air/water-tight seals.  Meeting the highest standards for pharmaceutical transfer containers, Eagle provides the best options for your important products.

Eagle’s additional customization options for stainless steel transfer containers and bottles include items such as: dip tubes, fill-vent ports, cap assemblies, fittings and custom configuration options including bottom ports and bottom valves.  If you are searching for something unique that is not a standard stock item, our customizable options can be quickly fabricated to meet your requirements.

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Eagle Stainless is the manufacturer of choice for your pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel transfer container needs. Our exceptional variety of product options in a wide range of sizes and shapes help you find exactly what you need.  Contact Eagle Stainless today to get started.